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Dance Menagerie In-School Program
Dance Menagerie In-School Program

Dance Menagerie

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In-School Program: Dance Menagerie
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Bring Dance Mengarie to your school

An interactive theatrical experience that explores dance throughout the ages and its connections to history, science, and literacy.
Dancers and a narrator perform a 60 minute nonstop tour de force to engage, entertain, and educate.

Primitive Dance


Stone Age

The Dying Swan

The Dying Swan

19th Century

Luis Dominguez and student


Luis Dominguz

Study Elements

How does dance connect us across cultures and time periods?
What role does dance play in our lives and community?
How does dance and movement connect to science and physics?
How do different styles of dance teach us about the world around us- past and present?
What does literacy have to do with dancing?

Program Fees

*Minimum of 200 students*
Fees will be invoiced once reservation is confirmed.
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