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Master Classes

Master Classes in Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary dance technique are offered periodically through-out the year.

Master Class - Ballet

Instructor: Nancy Dominguez

This is a multi-day master class for intermediate and advanced students age 11 and up. Classes will meet each day for one week.

Master Class - Ballet & Contemporary

Instructor: David Reuille of ApexDance.

This is a 5-day master class for intermediate and advanced students age 11 and up. Mr. Reuille will be teaching ballet for two hours followed by a one hour contemporary class.

Mr. Reuille's contemporary class is a mixture of dance styles and draws from a breadth of life experiences. With an appreciation for the explorations of modern dance legends Limon, Graham, Cunningham, Horton, & Dunham, Mr. Reuille's classes explore a synthesis of old and new. Included in this exploration is an attempt to blur the barriers between modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, ethnic, and theatrical dance styles. The result is a fusion of styles that blends to create something new and fresh. Many of the traditional elements of class are used including curve, contraction, isolation, shape form, tilt, off-center, and drop/swing recovery. Students are also asked to be active participants in their learning by exploring their use of energy, gesture, and musical phrasing. The syllabus progresses by combining and mixing these basic elements to create a complexity of movement that attempts to hold onto the intent of original elements. The class emphasises placement, use of energy, and artistry. In this class students gain the ability to move fluidly through any dance style or choreographic exploration.


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Tuition is due prior to the class.